I am a math graduate student at MIT advised by Prof. Tobias Colding. My research interests include Geometric Analysis, PDEs, and Optimal Transport.

Before coming to MIT, I did my master’s at ETH Zürich where I was advised by Prof. Alessio Figalli, and undergrad at École Polytechnique where I was advised by Prof. Yvan Martel.


  1. Trend to equilibrium for flows with random diffusion (with Matthew Rosenzweig and Gigliola Staffilani), to appear in IMRN. arXiv:2307.03147 [math.AP].
  2. Stability of Hardy Littlewood Sobolev Inequality under Bubbling, Calc. Var. Partial Differential Equations 62 (2023), no.8, Paper No. 223., arXiv:2109.12610 [math.AP].
  3. Existence of two-solitary waves with logarithmic distance for the nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation, Commun. Contemp. Math. 24, 2050091 (2020), arXiv:2010.04852 [math.AP].